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You don’t want to deal with Orange County traffic, do you? Having trouble navigating a moving van through busy, confusing streets? we are here to help you with all your closet needs.


You can save time and avoid a sore back by picking up items easily. Lift the old bedroom set without hurting yourself.

Our warehouses provide secure vaults for storing your things. Furthermore, everything is digitally accounted for.

Send whatever you need back to us. Is all you need back is your board? That is something we can do. Is everything in storage ready to be retrieved? Nothing to worry about.

With This Storage Company, you can get all your storage needs met without draining your wallet. We will drive you quickly instead of wasting your time in traffic.

Orange County Storage: Discover the Advantage

You can benefit from our easy pickup service and online tracking feature no matter where you live in Orange County, be it Anaheim, Santa Ana, Irvine, or Huntington Beach. With our office and home storage services, you will be able to handle all of your Orange County storage requirements.

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Local Orange County Self-Storage Choices

The county with the second-highest population in California has 3 million residents, making it a hot property market. Those living in the city have a difficult time finding places for storing their belongings. Regardless of whether you practice Feng shui, you need to have flow and empty space in your home. 


This high population density also naturally creates a good amount of traffic congestion, whether it’s on the 5, 405, or 605. Even before trying to unload your items at the facility, Orange County self-storage is no picnic in a rented van or overloaded household vehicle. Moreover, even if they’re not against your HOA by laws—and even if you don’t expect to get evil stares from the neighbours—storage containers are not as affordable or as convenient as they’re made out to be.

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Comprehensive Orange County Storage Needs

The startup culture and entrepreneurial spirit of Orange County are known for their presence at Irvine. You may have Orange County storage needs for surplus equipment and seasonal supplies even if you’re building a new IT firm or running a contracting business. Some people prefer to store overflow household items in good old-fashioned residential storage. 


Even with idyllic SoCal weather, our climate-controlled Orange County storage is still important for those items that need to be continuously stored between 65-85 degrees. Keep in mind, too, that even when it’s comfortable outside, it doesn’t take that much direct sunlight to raise the temperature inside an Orange County self-storage unit. That said, even we couldn’t find a way to make humidity control cost-effective so you better leave your wine storage at home. The family automobile is another item that we can’t take, but otherwise there are very few exceptions when it comes to storage in Orange County. In fact, if you’re replacing a good portion of your grass lawn for water conservation, but you’re not sure the change is permanent, we can store your riding mower as long as the gas tank is empty.

Get a Better Solution for Storage in Orange County

You can easily determine the size of your storage unit based on the number of boxes, furniture, and other large household items you have. For the smaller items, you merely need to package them up and schedule your pickup. We can help answer any questions you may have, however. The way we store our inventory is one of the primary reasons for our low prices. Orange County storage unit space will never be more expensive than it needs to be.


Would you like to store something? We offer safe storage of valuable items. Did you know that? Whether you need to store a lot of items in our warehouses or need to keep them for a long time, we have 60,000 square feet of storage space in Orange County.


Storage and moving services at our company are spread out over 50,000 square feet. There is a 10,000-square-foot warehouse in Anaheim. We have a 35,000-square-foot warehouse in Camarillo that provides all types of storage, including household, commercial, and record storage. Security systems and inventory management systems keep our warehouses safe and secure. For more information on our storage services, please click on the following links:

You can depend on Orange County Household Storage to provide you with all of your household storage needs.


We Moving & Storage specializes in commercial storage in Orange County.


Orange County Records Storage: What kind of records storage do you require? With our secure services, you can rest assured that all of your files and documents are secure.

With our Moving & Storage services in Orange County, you can streamline your distribution and warehousing operations.


Our Moving & Storage Company provides logistics solutions to customers in Orange County. If you require outsourcing of logistics, we can handle everything for you!

Our Moving & Storage is the premier home delivery company in Orange County.

Moving & Storage: With decades of expertise, The experts at Our Moving & Storage realize the importance of flexible, long- and short-term storage options for almost any  successful move.

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