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What to Expect From Professional Movers and Packers in Orange County?

If you have finalized the best cheap movers in Orange County to move your belongings in a safe and professional manner, then you can rest easy knowing that the most complicated and time-consuming part of moving is being taken care of by experts. 

However, knowledge about the packing process can come in handy because you can be mentally prepared for the packing day and be of help to the professionals.

Here’s what you can expect when packers from the budget moving company selected by you come to your place:

1. When Your Movers Arrive

After arriving at your location, the packers will first make a walk-through of your home with you to know exactly which items need to be packed. They will also ask you about your concerns regarding some items so that they can pack it with extra care. Once they get an idea of the amount of work needed to be done, they will bring the appropriate packing material inside and start packing.

2. When They Start Packing

The packers will split into several groups to deal with the packing requirements in different rooms to increase efficiency and save time. They will mark the box with the name of the room from which the items came out and also state whether the box contains breakable items or not. Generally, packers are very careful so you need not worry about damages. Another point to keep in mind is that they will pack your home just as they find it without differentiating between trash and useful items. You have to be prepared beforehand and either discard useless stuff or label it as ‘do not pack’ to avoid extra packing.

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3. Filling Of Boxes

Sometimes it can so happen that the carton containing items from one room may still have space left. The packers will then put in articles from another room to fill the carton to capacity and avoid damage to the items inside. For your convenience, the boxes will have labels of both the rooms.

4. End Of Packing

After the packers complete their work, you have to check all the rooms, drawers and cupboards to ensure that everything is packed. One of the essential moving tips is to keep a list of inventory ready to facilitate the checking process. It is you who will take the call whether packing is over or not. Once the packers leave, any unpacked item will be your responsibility.

Remember to opt for the best cheap movers Orange County to make your packing experience stress-free and efficient!

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