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“That’s great!” If your piano has survived the move safely, you can praise your helpers with this statement. Few items are as difficult to transport as a piano or a grand piano. But do not panic. Here, our experienced Moving Professionals tell you how to handle this extremely challenging task – piano moving.

Moving companies are insured

You should remember that your personal liability insurance does not cover damage to your removals. As a private individual, you cannot get any insurance that will damage your valuables while moving. If you entrust our experienced moving experts with the transport of your piano, your instrument is insured at the same time.

We organize help and equipment for piano transport

It is time to organize the right equipment and enough movers. Our piano moving experts say you need at least three strong people for a piano transport, better four.

Equipment for the piano transport:

  • roll dog
  • working gloves
  • risers
  • safety belts
  • packing material

For transport, we absolutely use a so-called four-wheeler, non-slip work gloves with knobs, safety straps for the transporter and risers. Our movers make sure the four-wheeler can withstand the weight of your piano.

For straps, Best Cheap Movers use ergonomic versions that sit securely on the shoulders. We also get enough bubble wrap to protect the lacquer of the piano during the move.

For the Transporter, it is recommended to use a truck with a lift.



If one or more of the following applies to your situation, consider rethinking whether you do not want to entrust piano transportation to specialists.

Your instrument is valuable

If you own a piano or grand piano from Steinway, Bösendorfer or Bechstein, you should not take any chances. When transporting your own precious instrument is not insured.

Antique piano or concert grand piano

These heavy chunks often overwhelm even experienced, strong relocation helpers. Since these instruments are usually worth many thousands of euros, it is advisable to hire a specialist company.

Narrow staircase

Your old or new home is in an old building with a very narrow staircase? The transport, therefore, requires the disassembly of the instrument? In this case, you need a specialist anyway.

Health problems

If you have had problems with your back, do not bother too much and do not try to wear a piano. Despite ergonomic straps, such overwork can cause serious injury.

No help, missing equipment

If you have difficulty organizing private help or if you can not get the equipment you need, for whatever reason: Hire a professional mover. 

Piano transport IN three steps:

First, Best Cheap Movers carefully pack your piano with the blanket. Our piano movers will do this on moving day. For our movers, it takes few minutes. Movers secure the buttons with bubble wrap and glue the flap firmly. Before the action, we clarify the right technique.

1. Lifting and transport to the stairwell.

The first step is to lift the piano onto the four-wheeler with the help of the carrying straps. While two helpers gently lift the piano, the third helper pushes the four-wheeler under the piano. The piano must rest in the middle of the four-wheeler. Once the piano is on the rolling tool, movers can carry the instrument to the first landing.

2. The difficult way across the steps

Before our movers tackle this difficult task, they control the way. Eliminate all pitfalls. Ideally, set up a guard to warn neighbors and keep them away from the stairs. Then muscle strength counts. Two helpers lift the piano down from the four-wheeler using the straps.

Then they carry the instrument over the stairs while accompanying at least one other helper and make sure that the piano does not tip over. Movers take advantage of every landing and take a break to regain their strength.

3. Load the instrument into the car and secure

After the stairs, our movers move the piano back onto the four-wheeler and push it to the moving truck. Lower the lift and carefully roll the piano onto the stage. Then they lift the piano with the straps on the stage and remove the four-wheeler. Two helpers secure the piano while it is lifted off the lift.

Now we are ready to transport the piano into the hold. Put it on a side wall and protect the sensitive surfaces with more blankets. Due to the high center of gravity, an unsecured piano can fall over even with slight vibrations. For more security, movers lash it with straps.

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