We Offer Safe Packing and Unpacking Services in Orange County

You have particularly sensitive items, particularly valuable items, collections or favorite pieces and want to pack everything safely? 
Packing work is important every time you move and Best Cheap Movers will help you with the proper packing and unpacking of your household items and valuable stuff. Electrical appliances, HIFI devices, TVs, computers, glass, porcelain, artworks or sculptures, we pack everything safely and protected from damage. 
We pack household goods and books just as surely as special valuables and extensive collections. For a transport without damage, we pack everything in and out. We are happy to advise you in detail on our packing service and all the possibilities of security when packing.

A good preparation and packaging is already half the move!

In order for the furniture to be transported intact from A to B, we need good preparation. That’s why you should plan the move well.

First possibility – we pack everything:

If you do not have time or for other reasons do not want to pack the things in your apartment, we are happy to pack everything neatly and professionally in the moving boxes and book boxes.

Second option – we pack fragile and valuable:

The fragile things such as glass, dishes, porcelain, mirrors and pictures, we can safely pack for you. Pictures are packed in sufficient bubble wrap and in the moving blankets. Then you glued it well with tape.

Third option – you pack everything:

We also offer a packing and unpacking service, but if you want to pack your goods yourself, you must pay attention to the following:

How are the moving boxes packed?

Packing boxes is not difficult. You should take the heavy stuff down and the light, fragile things up. If heavy things, such as books are packed down, then you can with light objects, such as pillows fill the book boxes. 
It is best to lift the boxes during packing and do a sample test. If the boxes are not heavily packed, then the weight is also optimal for carrying work of moving helpers.


An overview of some packing rules:

 – Do not pack the boxes too full or too heavy

 – Heavy things down, lighter ones up

 – Books, plates, pictures put / pack

 – Porcelain, glasses, plates HIGH-KING and good upholstery

 – Pack clothes in wardrobe boxes

Bonus tip: Better to get more moving boxes, than enough.  

There is nothing more annoying than to stand in front of the only 3/4 emptied shelf and realize that two book boxes are missing.

We deliver sufficient moving materials such as moving boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap before moving. The delivery date can be arranged flexibly with a moving coordinator.

Pack clothes:

Clothes can be packed well in the wardrobe boxes or in the trash bags. These “trash bags” are then great to fill small gaps in the moving van. 
If you have many clothes, we also offer wardrobe boxes for use (free).  The wardrobe boxes take up a lot of space and that’s why we deliver the wardrobe boxes on the move day. Of course, it is also possible to buy the clothes boxes from us.

Why good packaging is important?

Our experience tells us that it does not pay to save on the packaging material. A sturdy packaging not only prevents damage, but the furniture can also stow away better in the moving truck.

Label moving boxes correctly:

It is also important that you label the boxes during packing. This makes it easier to drag boxes into the rooms. Moving boxes are best labeled at the top and on the page. 
A brief description of the content would be useful, such. As dishes, things from/for a living room, glasses, etc. So you also keep everything at a glance. 
Thus, the moving and book boxes will be carried in the right rooms and it is easy to see which boxes must be unpacked first. Then you know what is in which box.


In your new home, we are happy to help to unpack the moving boxes in the appropriate cabinet, hang pictures or mirrors again. 
We take the empty packing boxes and the packing materials with us immediately after unpacking.

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Amazing service and so fast! This is my first time using Best Cheap Movers, and I have absolutely no complaints. They are efficient and professional with very friendly movers! This company did its best to work with my schedule, and the set up was super easy! Highly recommend!

Becky Rodriguez

Best Cheap Movers is awesome! They sent a team of young guys who were eager and efficient from start to finish. Very friendly to talk with. Guys moved my items very quickly and were careful to not damage anything. One of my bookshelves was a little rickety and came apart during transport and they were upfront. Foreman informed me before wrapping it. Would recommend to anyone. Thank you.

Dave Diamond

Really best movers. A+ moving experience at a reasonable rate on short notice. Three well dressed and friendly welcoming movers quickly, and safely moved all of my stuff to my new third floor home. Excellent service, will certainly use again and suggest to friends.

Dawn Dorland

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