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How to Protect your Home While Moving in Orange County?

Both the home you’re leaving and the one you’re moving into deserve love & care. Even if you never liked the space you lived in before moving, there’s no reason to leave behind excessive damage for the next resident. No one would like to move to a house that suffered abuse by its previous owners or movers. Best cheap movers Orange county avert this damage by using brilliant moving techniques that pamper your home and its contents like you’d handle a newborn. In order to protect your home on moving day, peruse these methods.

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Advance Moving Preparations

Walk through each room before hand to troubleshoot marks that may stumbles you or the movers up. Ensure your house is clean, uncluttered, and free from obstacles. Note narrow entryways, slippery floors, and steep steps and watch out for chandeliers and ceiling fans that hang low, says Smithsonian Institute.Organizing how to shift pieces and listing down measurements in advance will ease the process. Using both hands, shift furniture steadily and slowly, facing forward, ongoing Smithsonian Institute. While in tricky moving positions, My Moving Reviews suggests enlisting a “spotter” who will notify you when you’re courting danger. Dress without adornment, so your clothing and accouterment don’t get in the way or caught on anything.

Artwork and Other Valuables

Ensure irreplaceable heirlooms, expensive artwork and other valuables are packed first, in layers, says Angie’s List, so they’re out of harm’s way. Locate them in storage to save them while you move.

Flooring and Carpeting

You didn’t buff your hardwood floors or shampoo your carpets to see them scratched and soiled. Secure them from foot and furniture steps by putting cloth or plastic tarps down or use carpet film protectors, or plywood sheets recommends My Moving Reviews. If you have additional moving boxes, destroy them to develop a path. Bring furniture across floors and roll up carpet when needed. Before entering, wipe feet on the doormat.

Furniture and Appliances

Grab inventory and test your furniture for previous damage, photographing every piece for reference. When delivered, double-check for new damage. Always use straps to protect furniture, and moving pads to shield them. Use a handcart for further assistance. 

Doorways and Walls

Doorways take the brunt of moving day, so protect them by padding them with foam, suggests My Moving Reviews, or temporarily take them off the hinges. Pad narrow hallways, too, so they’re not scratched or dented. Banisters also experience, even break, say My Moving Reviews, and so protect them with moving pads.

How to Protect Your New Home

Once you’ve settled in your new home, now’s the time to safeguard it from damage. By using felt pads under furniture and rubber pads under small kitchen appliances, says Martha Stewart, you can prevent scratches and scuffs. Different pads exist for each kind of household and furniture item, so examine what you want and visit your local home or hardware store or website to buy them. Other protective measures include doorstops and corner guards that not only prevent marks on walls but protect little ones from bumping their heads. With a little elbow padding and grease, you can save each surface of your home and keep it looking super, too.

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Really best movers. A+ moving experience at a reasonable rate on short notice. Three well dressed and friendly welcoming movers quickly, and safely moved all of my stuff to my new third floor home. Excellent service, will certainly use again and suggest to friends.

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Amazing service and so fast! This is my first time using Best Cheap Movers, and I have absolutely no complaints. They are efficient and professional with very friendly movers! This company did its best to work with my schedule, and the set up was super easy! Highly recommend!

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Best Cheap Movers is awesome! They sent a team of young guys who were eager and efficient from start to finish. Very friendly to talk with. Guys moved my items very quickly and were careful to not damage anything. One of my bookshelves was a little rickety and came apart during transport and they were upfront. Foreman informed me before wrapping it. Would recommend to anyone. Thank you.

Dave Diamond
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