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What in the heck is Double Drive Time anyway?

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Do you Know About Heck Double Drive Time Anyway in Orange County?

Our #1 most frequently asked question is: “What in the heck is Double Drive Time anyway?”

Thank you, first of all, for asking! Double Drive Time may sound like a very scary phrase to hear when it comes about billable costs — but it doesn’t have to be! Let me give you a little background on the matter first. In California, all moving companies (big or small,) are needed to hold with the state of California called a Household Goods Mover Permit. California Household Goods Movers are regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission, the same governmental branch that regulates a number of industries.

“…the time used shall be the total of loading, unloading and double the driving time from point of origin to point of destination.”

-California Public Utilities Commission

California, all moving companies

In order to obtain said permit, companies should allow multiple sources of documentation that will agree financial and legal responsibility. Besides, companies should pass a rigorous test administered by the Commission. This test needs that companies display a higher-that average knowledge of industry rate caps in and consumer law.

One of the laws is Double Drive Time. Not only are all companies supposed to charge this fee, we are actually REQUIRED to charge this fee for all hourly moves. In fact, if the Commission finds that a moving company is not charging this fee; companies can be fined…or worse!

In Layman’s Terms, say it takes us 15 minutes to drive from your recent address in Silver Lake, California to your new house in Glendale, California; therefore, your Double Drive Time will be 30 minutes. This is to account for the time it would take for your movers to drive back to your point of origin. This protects you as a Consumer because this cost should be figured in your moving “Not to exceed” price that you sign off on your contract before your move. This provides fair compensation for your movers and gas costs. This also gives the opportunity for total transparency between your moving company and yourself, which is always key in any relationship.

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Really best movers. A+ moving experience at a reasonable rate on short notice. Three well dressed and friendly welcoming movers quickly, and safely moved all of my stuff to my new third floor home. Excellent service, will certainly use again and suggest to friends.

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Amazing service and so fast! This is my first time using Best Cheap Movers, and I have absolutely no complaints. They are efficient and professional with very friendly movers! This company did its best to work with my schedule, and the set up was super easy! Highly recommend!

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Best Cheap Movers is awesome! They sent a team of young guys who were eager and efficient from start to finish. Very friendly to talk with. Guys moved my items very quickly and were careful to not damage anything. One of my bookshelves was a little rickety and came apart during transport and they were upfront. Foreman informed me before wrapping it. Would recommend to anyone. Thank you.

Dave Diamond