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Moving Out Checklist for Apartment Rentals & Leases in Orange County

Moving is very complex, whatever the situations, but moving out of an apartment conduct its own set of dares and unique responsibilities.

1. Give notice

It’s still important to let your landlord understand that you’re really moving out when your lease is up. That way, your landlord do not only arrange by trying to search a new tenant for your apartment but can also potentially help you in finding services to assist you clean or move out of your apartment. This might help alleviate some of the stress of moving. Choose a specific time or day by which you’ll surely be out of your apartment and inform your landlord you’ll be out by that time. Then, encourage yourself to have everything done two days early. This will give you maximum time to deal with any circumstances that might arise at the last minute.

As always, communication is really important—you’ll want to have your landlord updated throughout the entire moving process. They will be able to show the apartment to new tenants and promise a move-in date to the incoming particulars. Being cracking about your move-out date is not only a trouble for your landlord. It may also charge you some money—mostly if you’re not out by the first time of the month when the new tenants show up with a moving van full of furniture. Moving apartments is a serious thing, so be sure you pick a date that you can stick to.

2. Get out

This should go without saying, but you’ll need to actually get all of your stuff out of the apartment before taking off for good. If you don’t want something, dump it or just advertise it on the craigslist for pick up. You’ll be amazed what people will go to great lengths to pick up and even pay for. No matter how great your car is, you’ll likely need to hire a moving company or some strong friends with trucks to help you move your furniture.

If you’re not moving furniture, just get rid of it, or find a contract permitting you to leave it behind. Also if you visit them who’ll be living in your apartment next, and they indicate an interest in your furniture, get a written agreement signed by the tenants and your landlords that allows you to quit certain items of furniture behind.

Else, you may face with great charges from your landlord if he or she had to pay people to take out and dispose of your stuff

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3. Clean up

Your landlord can normally issue a cleaning fee if you leave your apartment excessively messy. Since messiness is a subjective problem, it’s best to be on the safe (i.e., clean) side and tidy up as much as possible. If you’ve been a total slug for your tenancy in the apartment, this might be uneven, but if you’ve continue decent cleanliness standards, it must not be too much of a difficulty.

If workable, get as many of your goods out of the apartment advance to cleaning. It will not only make it simple to clean since you’ll have less objects to work around, but it’ll also assist you get a much thorough clean and avoid being surprised by fees conduct by your landlord, who find a great stain under the rug you left behind in the living room. If you want to get your deposit back, try to leave your apartment even cleaner than you found it when you moved in. That may not be possible, but it’s a good goal.


4. Fix it

It’s the time to own up to any damage you create to the apartment while you were there. You may be able to find away with a temporary cover-up that will move fast inspection, but finally, the new tenant will expose what you did and decline to take responsibility. Rather than chance a dirty fight in the future, easily allow for whatever you may have done to your apartment to be set right. When your landlord checks out, you’re likely in for a messy lawsuit to recover damages, not to mention a drastic decrease in your future desirability as a tenant. If you have damage to repair, ensure to hire competent workers who’ll do a best repair job; you don’t want to be stuck with bills from both the construction crew and your landlord. You might also work straightly with your apartment complex’s servicing crew since they’re previously on-site and equipped with the tools to do the job.

5. Record it

It’s a good idea to have some record of the condition your apartment was when you moved out. That way, your landlord can’t accuse you of making the place any dirtier or more damaged than you actually did. It’s also important to have a record of the condition the place was when you moved in. But of course, if you will not take care of that originally, you’ll be tough-pressed to do it now. What you can do is make sure that you won’t be charged for damages you didn’t inflict. Once you’ve moved all your stuff out and finished thorough cleaning, take pictures of the apartment to prove that you left it in an acceptable condition. You’ll probably also need to walk through the apartment with your landlord before you are going to leave, just to show off the condition of the place and hand over the keys. This will not only prove the landlord how you left your apartment but also show that you didn’t make any changes to it after surrendering all access.

6. Get your deposit back

Depending on the terms of your lease, you should be entitled to get your security deposit back when you move out. As long as you haven’t wrought excessive and irreparable havoc in your apartment you should be able to get most of your deposit back. Repainting and carpet cleaning are costs you shouldn’t have to cover unless you caused undue damage to your apartment. Unless the carpet is blemish and snatched up from your devilish pets, or the walls are filled with color from your late-night painting frenzies, it’s your landlord’s decision to redo side of the apartment, and you must not have to pay for your landlord’s wish to improve the condition of the living space to attract future tenants.

Some landlords hold the security deposit unless you try to get it back. Check out by simply sending a written request by certified mail with return receipt requested. If there’s no revert from them, you must look into going to little claims court to get your deposit back. Depending on the size of your deposit, this may not be worth the trouble, but you are legally entitled to get your deposit back unless you’ve caused damage so extensive that the money’s required for repairs. This is where the photographs of the pristine apartment you quit following come in handy—they’ll show that you didn’t do enough damage to merit the seizure of your deposit.


7. Pay it off

In some cases of lease agreements, the security deposit may be used toward the last month’s rent. This is an alternate way you can explore—though you may not be able to, depending on the terms of your lease and the size of your deposit. Ask your landlord if your security may be used toward rent or not. If not, you’ll still need to pay your rent through your term of residency—not doing so will cause more grief and eventually cost more money than it’ll save you.

Apartment Move-Out Checklist

A great way to help keep you organized and methodical is to implement the use of a Move-Out Checklist. This is your handy record of what you have (and may have not,) done that you can keep and actually provide as evidence to your landlord.

Check out this handy check-out list from our friends at American Apartment Owners Association:

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